VT Cobble Project

Abbiati Monuments has teamed up with the Brattleboro Floral Arts and Garden Club’s participation in the Vermont Cobble Project.

The Garden Club is selling Cobbles as a fund raiser – to maintain the Creamery Bridge Gardens.
The Vermont Cobble Project is an ongoing effort with the Brattleboro Floral  Arts & Garden Club to create Green Spaces that the community has a part in.  Our first Cobble Project will be creating Cobbles for the Brattleboro Creamery Bridge Garden.  Go to the Garden Club site, VermontGardenClubs.org and click Projects/Cobble Project  for all the details.

Cobbles-After-SandBlasting-smallHere is a small sampling of our work.   These are the cobbles in the sand blasting room.  They are covered with a plastic film that exposes the lettering for the cobbles.  You can see the lettering in the cobble on the right.  For efficiency we sandblast several item at a time.  Notice the claw feet for a bathtub!

After the Sand-Blasting process is complete, the plastic is removed and the recessed letters are hand Cobble-Group-of-at-various-stages-smallpainted – for better viewing.  The paint used is very durable and will last for a long long time.
Notice the lower right cobble.  Mileva is a Past President of the Brattleboro Florial Arts & Garden Club.  Her cobble still has the plastic on it, and has not yet been painted.

Cobbles-Working-on-smallIt is so much fun to see the cobbles being created.  Tom Carleton, currently works in our Keene Monuments office.  He is a talented Fabricator who explained how the cobble engraving is done.